Food Business Week

October 26, 2021 , Food Companies Exhibition


Food Business Week, often held in late May/early June, is an international free trade event which brings together food producers, packers, processors, suppliers, retailers and all others who wish to expand their food processing to new frontiers. Food is the second largest traded commodity after oil and accounts for a significant part of global economic activity. The Food Productivity Commission (FPC) reports that in 2021 the value of food exports rose by 2.4%, from $1 trillion to $1.9 trillion.

Exhibitors at Food Business Week bring to the event various details about their products including pricing, marketing, distribution, promotion, public relations, training, sales and promotion. Most food companies also exhibit new products or serve as guest speakers at the trade show. The main focus of the event is to introduce new products and discuss issues affecting the industry such as government regulation, market penetration and quality standards. Many food manufacturing companies also distribute free promotional products to prospective customers. Some companies give away free seminar sessions, workshops or training programs, both in house and outside the exhibition hall.

The Food Industry Week events are an excellent platform for food companies to meet potential clients, present their products and inform the public about issues affecting the industry. They can display their latest product or services, work with other companies and create joint ventures. The events allow exporters to meet potential customers and to showcase their new products. The Food Business Week events allow companies to display all their information on brochures and websites and make them available for customers to look at while planning their business tour. Exhibitors can also post their brochures at booth number giveaway points and give them out to every customer who enquires.